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Monday, September 20, 2021
Test Drive

Our "test drive" allows you to post records and see the emulation of image placement during your addition or changes to specific pages here through simple forms.

Until you activate the "test drive" you will find this section available to set a cookie that activates your session in the test drive.

Once the "test drive" is activated each page will have the ability to add records and then edit what you have posted.

In cases where picture uploads would be available there are notations of not active during test drive and some areas like the gallery will post a sample picture with the record you add to display.

These forms allow edits without programming knowledge typical of webmastering.

This type of system also allows updating from any internet capable computer with a live internet connection.

You must allow a special cookie to be set to keep your postings specific to you or anyone you share your special key code with.

The key and records are currently set for 3 days before automatically expiring.

This "test drive" should give you an excellent idea on how a smart system can keep your site up to date without expensive webmaster fees at the same cost as a typical commercial site, and with keeping it current and having more display of your membership increase membership retention and word of mouth business.

Each site can have it's own design around the dynamic content being set by your form input.

We can work with existing design or for an inexpensive fee create a very professional site design below many current market standards.

We have placed sample administrative controls in this site for an interactive tour of our service.

THIS "TEST DRIVE" of the administration controls requires that you accept a cookie designed for you to view your changes. For another individual to see what you have posted a key will be generated and displayed that you can give to an individual to see and also participate in these changes.
The postings will stay valid for 3 days and will automatically expire after that.


The cookie is safe and only sets a custom code that is to limit display of your input samples to your computer. To share what you have input you pass the key code generated to your friend to input into the field for sharing "input key from friend". For additional information on how to use this visit about our test drive. - More than a website
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