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Monday, September 20, 2021 Site Systems
An effective business tool designed to increase membership retention, promotes word-of-mouth and can save you money....

This site and it's easy to use administration has been presented as a martial arts studio as we are having extreme success with the combination of functions in this site to increase customer retention and reduce costs in a membership type of business, like martial arts schools, gymnastics and dance studios. The systems can be utilized for other types of sites and businesses as seen in our sample links below.

The programming is over 6 years in refinement to allow you to increase customer retention through a couple of website modules, including the ability to update news, schedules, events, biographies and galleries.

This system has been test driven in several studio situations and has improved customer retention, and also with the controls managed through easy to use online forms, you can update and maintain the site from any internet connection without special programming or having to be charged webmaster fees.

We have proven the difference of customer retention just with a gallery that allows students to be proud of their participation over a site that does not.
This gallery must be updated regularly and promptly.
Our systems allow you to manage these updates inhouse with little effort and no programming knowledge necessary.

This function alone makes a great value to have for martial art schools, gymnastic schools, dance studios and similar membership types of businesses.

We also have systems in the background to keep track of memberships and to automatically debit cards or bank accounts reducing dependency on additional companies to collect or pursue your members saving even more money.

Sample sites currently utilizing this system include:

  • White Tiger Martial Arts which is who we have emulated the design shell for this tour from
  • Ronin Goju Ryu, an association the system was adapted.
    This system is useful for other business types as well.
  • Davie Police - Beat The Heat Racing, a site about a racing program to help children with promotional activites that our system allows them to maintain all news and image portions of the site without programming knowledge or webmaster assistance.
  • Marco Water Engineering, Inc., this site utilizes the news and staff sections of our system.
Each sites display variations of our inhouse graphic capabilities. Some of our tour in this will include samples of graphics, photo retouching and video encoding we have provided professionally for over a decade.

Call us for more details on how to get started with this site system for as low as $45.95 per month, 561-248-6390

We have placed sample administrative controls in this site for an interactive tour of our service.

THIS "TEST DRIVE" of the administration controls requires that you accept a cookie designed for you to view your changes. For another individual to see what you have posted a key will be generated and displayed that you can give to an individual to see and also participate in these changes.
The postings will stay valid for 3 days and will automatically expire after that.


The cookie is safe and only sets a custom code that is to limit display of your input samples to your computer. To share what you have input you pass the key code generated to your friend to input into the field for sharing "input key from friend". For additional information on how to use this visit about our test drive. - More than a website
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