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Monday, September 20, 2021
How Much

Our site system has been designed from the input and experience of martial artists and is part of a lease when you host with us. For the competitive cost of commercial website hosting, you get the same dynamic updating systems you see in this "test drive" site and we keep the technology updated and growing.

Site functions include administrative control of welcome page news, staff information, weekly schedule system and basic cgi email form, and photo gallery, but without a need for your own domain. You receive an address like
Only $85.00 per year.
Site functions include administrative control of welcome page news, staff information, weekly schedule system and basic cgi email form, and photo gallery. Same as package 1 but hosting your own domain (ie:
Only $165.00 per year.
All the functions of site package 2 with the inclusion of administrative control of testimonials, local business links area for link exchange or promotions, associated schools or organization listings.
Only $210.00 per year.
All the functions of site package 2 and 3 with the inclusion administrative control of archive news, video galleries* and coming soon a tournament listing with updates managed automatically.
(bandwith and storage limitation apply)
Only $275.00 per year.

If you do not have a domain, one year domain registration averages $14.95 per year.

We can work with existing website design with conversion of $75.00 one-time fee or utilize a preset template for $175.00 one-time fee or for only $325.00 one-time fee we can create a very professional CUSTOM site design (less than most current professional design fees).

Receive technical and marketing advice from professionals that know martial arts.


A website designed to increase membership retention and save you money....

The programming is over 7 years in refinement to allow you to increase customer retention through several website modules (specially designed applications), including the ability to update news, schedules, events, biographies and galleries.

This system has been test driven in several studio situations and improved to increase customer retention and also with the controls managed through easy to use online forms, you can update and maintain the site from any internet connection without special programming or having to be charged webmaster fees.

We have proven the difference of customer retention just with a gallery that allows students to be proud of their participation over a site that does not.
This gallery must be updated regularly and promptly.
Our systems allow you to manage that inhouse with little effort and no programming knowledge necessary.

This function alone makes a great value to have for martial art schools, gymnastic schools, dance studios and similar membership types of businesses.

Additional benefits that can be added to your system.

We also have systems in the background to keep track of memeberships and to automatically cycle payments for credit cards, debit cards, checking or savings bank accounts, reducing dependency on additional companies to collect or pursue your members saving even more money.

Sample sites currently utilizing this system include White Tiger Martial Arts which is who we have emulated the design shell for this tour from, and Ronin Goju Ryu, an association the system was adapted for. Both sites show our inhouse graphic capabilities and some of our tour here will also include samples of graphics, photo retouching and video encoding we have over a decade of proven experience in providing.

Call us for more details on how to get started with this site system call 561-248-6390 - More than a website
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